I believed i could become your true hiding place

*~*See I Can Flutter Better Then You Though*~*

Wondering Butterfly
24 December 1980
Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom
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Dormston School - Dudley England - West Midlands UK (2004 present)
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Proud Fangirl

What can i say? I'm a total Japanese Fangirl. lots of People who know me will tell you im the wierd freaky Japanese girl,so i guess i am ^^
i am a great fan of Yaoi,and i dont mind Yuri that much either just as long as its Not Hentai.I Love Miyavi and Gackt too.Mana is an idol.Fruits Basket is Love. Hatsuharu Is THE BEST! Haru Sohma is my bishie!

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This Is Beautiful! girl with the straight long brown hair is hyper_bubble, im the girl with the ponytails ^^

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Miyavi is love