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I believed i could become your true hiding place [entries|friends|calendar]
Wondering Butterfly

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Updation! [14 Sep 2005|05:50pm]
w00t. i am back. Okay..i got lazy really,i came back form holiday then went straight back to school! So,with it being the first two weeks of school everythings been a bit busy really. But dont worry,i will update more often. Not like anyone reads this hm? having a sleepover Friday night,Mates Katherine and Laura are coming round...lets just hope i dont end up with a big scar on my back like last time T_T No pushing me into the TV stand!
^^ My Hatsuharu obsession has came back to...I feel sorry for everyone at school having to put up with my weirdness.
School: "'Sup bitch! We ArE sO GhEtTo!"
My schools really strange sometimes. There was an audtition for Grease in the theater..didnt go. I cant sing,dance or Act...might see if i can help with the costumes or scenery though.Hope My friends get through.
But WTF is happening to everyone at schook..its like the "OW! My FOOT HURTS" disease! First Laura,Then Blondie,Then Kat,Then Someone else.. All complaining about there feet.
-_-; Friends seem to think im obsessed with the Dirty Dirty Crazy Monkey Sex too. Why must everyone at school think im a Pervert!?! Im not really...im not.. ^^ Might write more later..Parents have just came home..And im SO totally doing homework ^^;

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Holiday! [15 Aug 2005|03:10pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

Aha yes, im off on holidays so that means i wont be writing anything in a while...Not that i do anyway ^^

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Quizzes and all things Random [31 Jul 2005|11:51am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Damnit. I Still cant believe there was a Tornado in Bloody Birmingham! I mean,1, a Tornado in England? 2, In Birmingham! I getting awfully suspicious when i see alot of dark clouds now,i dont Want Wolverhampton or anywhere near here ruined by a Tornado again thank you!
Anyway,Apart from that,I spent a whole lotta time on quizilla,so heres my results,theres a shiny new layout over at quizilla too.

Results Under Here,Su!Collapse )

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